Foundation by NoChintz

Foundation Coffee House is a new coffee shop offering at Sevendale House in the Northern Quarter seating 130 covers over 3500sqft of space.

The initial inspiration from the space draws from Manchester’s Victorian industrial heritage, and the architectural features of the building reflected through details should as a range of tiled surfaces, a colourful ceiling installation, industrial lighting and a counter clad in salvaged cast iron pipe work. Our overall interpretation of this is a clean, simple and contemporary design, considered using quality materials and with fine details executed to precision.

The layout of the space is spacious and simple but offering a range of seating including our feature tiled booths and a meeting room allowing local hotdeskers and those without a private facility in their own office (typical in the Northern Quarter) to use. This meeting room is also derived from the idea of a Victorian cart and can be moved, split in half and used in a variety of ways. At present it houses an exhibition “From the Grounds Up” showing details of the materials and finishes used in the design of Foundation Coffee House.

Our concept also draws upon the motif of architectural and engineering references, which features in our own NoChintz branding guideline but expanded here to reflect the values of “engineered coffee”, which is precisely and meticulously prepared using a range of specialist equipment. This equipment is drawn in an architectural style and features on our main windows to Lever Street, set up as drawing boards, and our bespoke made menu boards behind the bar. Our business partner’s Grandfather, who was also an engineer features on the toilet signage to the Male Bathroom and this concept of engineering is taken through to fine detailing bespoke branded brass ruler on the poseur height benches. The space is prepared to allow technical expertise to come to the fore.

NoChintz designed all the branding and took this through to staff uniforms, printed crockery, bespoke printed tiles, enamel painted toilets, etched coffee serving platters and all the packaging.

The food and drink offering is selected, prepared and presented with knowledge and skill. Coffee that has been brewed with care. Coffee that has been meticulously prepared. Coffee that has been built from the grounds up.