Smoothie, a Juice or a blend?

When we were coming up with the menu for Foundation some items were fairly straightforward. Others not so much, such as our blended drinks otherwise known as Smoothies..

We knew we wanted to offer a range of healthy drinks and what we wanted in them, but the challenge was what we were going to classify them as.

Traditionally a Juice would be just that; the juice extracted or pressed from fruit and or vegetables. In some cases such as Orange, the “pulp” which is fibrous is left in. The vast majority of times it is not.

When you take whole fruits and vegetables and blend them up taking nothing out, this naturally produces a much thicker drink, a “Smoothie”. This increased viscosity (ooooo check me out with my fancy sciencey words) is due to the increased presence of the fibre from those fruits and vegetables.

So is one better than another? Well, there is the issue of palatability and then nutritionally.

In some cases it’s just plain easier to drink a Juice then the whole thing blended up. Take Beetroot for example; I am currently on a Beetroot mission. There is quite a lot of peer reviewed info out there to suggest that there are compounds in Beetroot that can have a noticeable effect on the endurance performance of athletes. So everyday I try and get my glass of Beetroot juice down me. Is it working? Well, I am improving at certain things, but that is another topic for another day.

The composition of Beetroot means that if it was blended up whole it would be not all that nice to ingest. As a Juice it is fine. Certain things are just easier if they are juiced. However..

One of the issues with juices is that, especially with the high sugar content, fruits such as Orange, Apple, Mango, etc once you remove that fibre, the speed of the intake of the naturally sugars goes up dramatically. It is postulated that it is the frequent sharp spikes of insulin that is prevalent in modern western diets is contributing to the rapid rise in the diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes.

This isn’t to say Juices are all bad, go back to our Beetroot example. There’s some great nuggets of healthiness in juices that can’t be ignored, and as long as folks are drinking them in a measured way, knowing that there is a high sugar content, then no problem. Not everything has to be done for health reasons.

Now then, so taste and palatability wise we have discussed the merits of traditional smoothies and juices.

How about we take the idea of a Smoothie; taking the whole fruit/vegetable and blend it up, but then add all sorts of other good stuff to it??

“Hang on” you say, that’s not original. We know, quite a few of you good people may do it at home, but we are doing them fresh in at Foundation.

So we have, for example our “All Rounder”, it has: Spinach, Almond butter, Oats, Flaxseed, Whey Protein Powder, Banana and Coconut Water. Wow, I know, that’s why we call it an All Rounder. So we have put a lovely combo of different food groups in there. Good sources of proteins, simple and complex carbs and healthy fats, along with a smorgasbord (great word) of micro-nutrients. Plus it tastes bloody delicious.

To wrap up then; it’s OK to have a Juice, in fact certain things could be consumed far easier as a Juice, arguably a Smoothie is nutritionally better for you, however then you can have what we serve, which is the Kick-Ass version of a Smoothie, which will make you into a Super-hero*

The only problem we have is what to call our version. So we thought of calling it a blend, but that didn’t seem right, so have started with “Smoothie”, but it doesn’t do them justice so if you have a better idea let us know and you could get a prize**


*not scientifically proven….yet

** prizes at my discretion, which are the best kind.