Tea Time

Here at foundation we take pride in not only the highest quality of our products (customer comments such as “this is the best coffee in Manchester” are flying at us on the reg) but also the wide and unusual range of products we have to offer. One of the longest lists on the menu is the one with all the tea, and man do we have a lot of it.

We’ll ease you in with the lovely, original and trustworthy Breakfast Tea, a British staple, a classic. However once we’ve finished with you, you’ll find yourself in a Russian Caravan with a Belfast Brew in one hand, Spiced Citrus in the other, as Jasmine Pearls scatter themselves around you while Lemongrass and Ginger eyes up the Ginseng, and Mango Tango gets jealous of Dark Cocoa for being just so damn mysterious.

All of our teas are unique in their flavour and each offer something new and interesting to the taste buds. If you fancied a change that wasn’t too far removed from beloved English Breakfast, why not give Belfast Brew a go? It’s stronger, sharper, and bolder. While still in the same taste family as Breakfast tea, it’s more like the rugged older brother while Darjeeling is the fun aunt. If you wanted something with a bit more substance to it (literally) our Apple Loves Mint tea is physically made up of dried chunks of apple, whispers of mint and beautiful tiny rose buds. So pretty we almost don’t want to drink it (but absolutely still do). Although if your vibe is a little more dark and moody, our Russian Caravan tea is the one for you, with its strong smokey flavours and notes of delicate scotch whiskey, it will be sure to awaken the senses and transport you to some far remote place. In the same flavour family is Roobois tea, with a slight aroma of tobacco, although it’s slightly gentler if Russian Caravan is too strong.

We also offer Saviour Sports Tea, which are available in three different varieties; Hydrate, Stimulate and Sleep. These teas are caffeine free which makes them perfect for hydrating the body. Drinking the Hydrate tea after working out adds a new flavour to your rehydration whilst quenching your thirst and refreshing the body. The Sleep tea is a mix of calming herbs which you can drink before bed to ensure that your body and mind are calm and prepared for a great night’s sleep. The Stimulate tea is a great way to naturally enhance weight loss. You can enjoy it throughout the day although if drank before a workout it can stimulate a mild metabolic and diuretic effect on the body, helping you get the most out of your workout and to flush out any toxins.

However at Foundation not only is it important to us that we have a wide variety of brews to offer you, it’s also equally important that what we are selling comes from a great place. All our teas (apart from our Saviour teas) are Suki Teas, a Belfast company which specialises in the production of ethically made loose leaf teas from all over the globe. They are an ethically responsible company which means that they buy Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or Organic tea and they’re the first company in the whole of the UK who hold that triple certified status. At the minute you can buy Suki Tea from us to take home with you, however we only have Red Berry, East African Green Tea and Chamomile in stock, but if you wanted another flavour just let us know and we will order it in especially for you!

To us quality of product far outweighs quantity so please be patient with us when we are preparing your drinks, because our baristas are insuring that you are receiving the finest quality ingredients brewed and prepared to perfection just for you.  Tea time never sounded so good!