Mr Black

I know you guys were thinking: “there is no way that Foundation can possibly get any better, what with the outstanding coffee, cutting edge decor and unquestionably awesome staff” but oh how we will surprise you. We’ve only gone and got a bloody alcohol licence! So now not only can we keep you going throughout the day with our perfect coffee, we can also see you nicely through into the evenings with our range of cocktails, spirits, wines and beers. Obviously we wouldn’t be Foundation however if we didn’t keep within the coffee family, so let me introduce you to the newest, tastiest and definitely sexiest (don’t tell Kyle though) member of the Foundation family; Mr Black.

Mr Black is a tall, dark and handsome cold press coffee liqueur. Established in Australia in 2012, Mr Black was brought into our world by two guys who shared a love of coffee and drinking and a general hatred for any other ‘coffee liqueur’ in the business. Designer Tom Baker, and one of Australia’s highest awarded distillers; Philip Moore, teamed up to create this award winning cold press liqueur and have certainly mastered the art of making it. For them it starts with the coffee, with beans from Ethiopia, Brazil and Papua New Guinea roasted individually and ground in house, they then undertake a cold extraction which produces a more full flavoured coffee without the bitterness of espresso. Apparently this process takes a whole day alone but it all adds to the exquisite taste and pure seduction that is Mr Black. After the cold extraction a 65kg basket press is then used to extract the coffee from the grounds, where it is then mixed with pure Australian grain spirit until it becomes the Mr Black we know and love.

So by mixing two shots of our delicious coffee, a splash of Black Cow Vodka (of course our vodka is made from milk) and the piece de resistance Mr Black, we present to you The Espresso Martini. The perfect drink for after work, it will help you wind down after a long day or kick start your evening for the long night ahead. What makes our espresso martini different from the generic one you can buy at Revs I hear you ask? Our expertise of course! Our carefully chosen espresso beans create the strong Foundation coffee experience that you know and love. We stop the shot at 23 seconds, this is called a ristretto shot. It cuts out the bitter flavour notes that come at the end of the shot and preserves the sweeter, fruitier, more intense flavours so that your espresso martini is the tastiest it can possibly be. Although if you just wanted to hang out with Mr Black alone, Mr Black, tonic and ice is the only way to go.

However if you fancy a change or perhaps something slightly more refreshing at the end of your day, our range of gin and tonics will quench any thirst. My personal favourite, Batshit Mental Ideas Aged In a Bathtub and tonic with a kiss of lime, will instantly cool you off during the (hopefully warm) summer months ahead. Although for those of you who shy away from spirits, fear not! We also have a range of refreshing beers, from IPA’s to porters, along with, of course, wines and Prosecco. And let’s be honest, when is it NOT time for Prosecco?!