who likes a little Wincle in their beer?

As you guys now know, we have branched out from just serving top of the range coffee to also supplying you with the tastiest cocktails and gin and tonics this side of Piccadilly. However in case you wanted something with a little more barley, yeast and hops, then fear not, for here at Foundation we take everyone’s taste buds into account. From 12pm till 10pm, Wednesday through Saturday, we can also offer you the nations favourite: A COLD, TASTY BEER! (Glasses clink and a loud and hearty “cheers!” rumbles around the shop). And seeing as  you all know and love us for selling you unique and scrumptious treats, don’t be expecting your average Carling and Fosters, oh no. Sitting in our fridges right now waiting for you to buy them are Brooklyn Lager, Flying Dog IPA, Sierra Nevada, Bierra Blonda Menabrea, Einstock (Icelandic) toasted porter, white ale and pale ale, Beartown Brewery (Wojtek, Bruins Ruin), our new organic cider: Wyld Wood, and last but not least, along with hilarious names, our Wincle Beer range featuring; Wibbly Wallaby, Wincle Waller and Rambler.

The Wincle Beer Company was founded in 2008 in the little village of Wincle, Cheshire. It was set up from a redundant milking parlour, and aimed to be just a small part time brewery, more for fun than anything. However after winning a silver medal at Tamworth Beer Festival and achieving immediate success and encouragement, The Wincle Beer Company grew and grew, and now they brew 5 days a week in their new beautiful stone barn and brand spanking new, state of the art 15 barrel plant, distributing their beer all over the UK. At Foundation we love supporting local, independent businesses who take pride in producing unusual and hand crafted products (much like ourselves), so if you think you have a drink we would like, don’t hesitate to get in touch! It will probably help if you have a funny name though, just a heads up.

With a mix of pale ales and amber ales, these crisp and tasty beers are perfect for the (hopefully) warm summer ahead. The beers we have selected from Wincle are rather light and mild, so they’re spot on for people, like me, who don’t usually have a taste for beer. The consensus is that some staff are loving it and others not as keen, as they preferred the much darker beers. So if our Wincle beers are slightly too light for you, we recommend Einstok, our Icelandic beer range which features a Porter, white ale and a pale ale. With much more citrusy flavours, they are slightly smoother and stronger, and are one of our best selling beers. One guy described them as an “Icelandic hammer blow” with the strong flavour punch from their strong Viking heritage.

We can’t wait to share more and more new flavours and ranges of different drinks from around the world with you guys, as we expand further into the brewing abyss. Watch this space for exciting things to come, including acoustic sets and open mic nights, and don’t forget, our space is available to rent for any occasion or party you have coming up! Come hang with us, try some tasty coffee, beer, wines or spirits and a guaranteed laugh with our Batshit Mental Baristas Aged in a Bathtub!