FDN x Frida Cooper

To kick start the first in the series of FDN Retail + Exhibit, Foundation is excited to introduce Frida Cooper: local Artist, maker and illustrator. For the whole of May Frida’s work will be on display and in the space and card, pins and earings available to purchase. Head down to our NQ home to check it out!

About Frida Cooper //

I’m an independent maker, I draw illustrations for fine art prints and also create illustrated ceramics. I currently work from a small home studio in Manchester, usually behind my iPad drawing or covered in clay! My ideas tend to start with digital illustrations using an iPad Pro and iPencil but also love to work in acrylics, I then evolve these drawings into clay pieces.

From a young age, I have always had artistic ambitions and a love for creating (perhaps I have my parents to blame for never discouraging me from making a mess as a child). I later went on to study a Visual Arts degree at University, achieving a first class degree and winning a contemporary arts prize. I practiced in sculpture and installation. This was an amazing grounding in which I learnt fine art skills and implementation. I have always had a fascination in objects and what they mean to people and after graduating, my outlook on what I wanted to create changed. Rather than exploring concepts behind objects, I wanted to create objects and drawings people would enjoy and would utilise in everyday life.

So many of my illustrations are based around portraits of women and everyday objects, these are simple line drawings and more often than not monochrome illustrations. I have also recently been doing some art fairs which has been such a valuable experience, not only hearing peoples feedback but meeting the amazing people that invest in my work is so special! For an independent maker every little sale is such a success to inspire you to keep going and to make new collections and I’m so thankful to everyone that has supported me.

Along side the exhibition of A2 fine art prints at FDN I am showcasing a few items which are for sale; A range of A6 cards, ceramic pins & ceramic earrings. Each ceramic piece is a unique item and one-off with no illustration the same. They are all hand built, illustrated and hand painted.

Exhibiting at Foundation Coffee House

1st May – 1st June