FDN x Fernandes Makes

This August Fernandes Makes takes over FDN NQ with a playful selection of artworks entitled ‘Be Green : Live Wild’ for their first solo exhibition in Manchester.

Ferandes Makes AKA Nicola Fernandes has recently launched her ‘Urban Jungle Bee‘ onto the streets of Manchester as part of the city wide Bee in the City project. ‘Be Green : Live Wild’ showcases the inspiration behind her Bee through a selection of illustrations and interactions to bring a smile to your face.


From the Artist //

Urban Jungle Bee was born out of a love for creating your own green spaces in a world that is becoming more over built and grey.

For me as an artist I am most productive and inspired when surrounded by array of jungle plants; it’s a love of textures, vibrant colours, and the energy that plants creates to help the imagination bloom. I feel that everyone should be free to enjoy green spaces within the places they live and they should be encouraged to create green havens with their homes to boost mindfulness and creativity. In my paintings I feel that this influence of texture and colour is replicated in the methods in which I use to paint, always actively avoiding block colour and creating fluidity and a personality within the details that are unique to my style.

It was important for me to create an element of fun and surprise within my design which reflects how I have embraced Manchester and its diversity and culture. The Urban Jungle Bee is more than just some painted leaves. Hidden within them you will find a range of creatures encouraging you to look beyond the leaves and flowers, and begin to explore the bee’s landscape. I am an advocate for interactive art and I hope the bee allows you to stop and enjoy the moment. The importance of the rainbow is symbolic for many reasons, for me without embracing vibrant colourful living I couldn’t express myself as freely as an artist. More importantly through colour and being a ‘rainbow hunter’ I have been able to become part of an amazing community of creative individuals and host colour walks promoting my love for Manchester.

FDN is my favourite space in the city to enjoy a coffee. There’s something about the combination of large windows flooding in natural light, the feeling of openness created in this design-led coffee house. Come sit and enjoy a coffee; draped in natural light amongst the illustrative treats.


Fernandes Makes Bee is situated just outside the entrance of Piccadilly station, and the exhibition will be up in FDN until the end of September. Check out more about the artist via her website. And be sure to give her a follow @fernandesmakes.